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59. I inhabit a character most when I can find their spirit of playfulness...

Conversation with actor Logan Floyd

Ben Guest
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Not everything you do has to be perfect.

Logan Floyd

Logan Floyd and I met at an improv class through The Squirrel Comedy Theater in New York City (@TheSquirrelNYC). Logan most recently performed the lead role of Velma Kelly in the national tour of Chicago: The Musical (@ChicagoMusical).

In this conversation, Logan and I talk:

-How Logan’s favorite band senior year of high school was Paramore (“High school was a lot of good material for an A24 film.”):

-Studying Musical Theater with Kaitlin Hopkins at Texas State University and Kaitlin’s note to slow down and enjoy the process.

-The beauty of imperfection in improv.

-Logan’s key to understanding Velma Kelly was the insight, “She is scared to death.”

Logan Floyd as Velma Kelly

-“I inhabit a character most when I can find their spirit of playfulness and that spirit of playfulness connects to my younger self.”

-“In improv the first thing I think is, ‘How can I be helpful?’”

-I reference the incredible musical improv of Improguise, based in Cape Town, South Africa (@ImproGuiseSA).

-Logan and I improv two scenes from the suggestion “old soul.” 😊😊😊

-S/O to our improv teacher Sarah Grace Welbourn (@sgwelbourn), Squirrel Comedy Theater (@TheSquirrelNYC), and all of our classmates.

Improv 101

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