73. Film School at USC Part 2Listen now (79 min) | Lessons Learned after the Second Semester of Film School at USC
72. Publishing a Bestseller with Doone RoisinListen now (37 min) | #1 Book, Buckingham Palace, and Ben Guest Book Consultant
71. Storytelling with USC Grad Kat VondyListen now (46 min) | Vondy is a playwright, author, and filmmaker
70. NBA Finals - Game 3 Breakdown (Crossover with Box Score Geeks)Listen now (24 min) | Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, and Rob Williams III
69. The Ballad of Jimmy Butler and the Shot That Wasn't (Crossover with Box Score Geeks)Listen now (34 min) | A deep dive into Butler's missed three...
68. Film School at USCListen now | Lessons learned after the first semester of film school...
67. Marketing Your Book with Jen WinstonListen now (40 min) | Best-Selling Author of GREEDY
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